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At the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea is a unique body of water that ends the journey of the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized.  It is well known for its unusually high concentrations of Dead Sea salts and minerals, as well as the naturally occurring Dead Sea black mud on its shores.  Such minerals include magnesium, potassium and of course sodium chloride as well as almost 26 other minerals and trace elements. The salinity of Dead Sea water is so high that it is almost 10 times that of normal sea water!  It is so dense (for water that is) that it is 25% heavier than normal water which makes swimming in it a must try floating experience.

The Dead Sea is rooted biblical history.  Beneath it lie the destroyed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Queen Cleopatra of ancient Egypt was known to have bathed in its waters for its magical beauty effects.  It was used by inhabitants in the Jordan Valley rift for millennia to mine for salts and bitumen, which was used for keeping mummies from decay for thousands of years.

Today, the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea are a mecca to health enthusiast, tourists and people suffering from various skin disorders like psoriasis and acne.  People testify to the healing powers of the Dead Sea and report significant improvement to their conditions.  Thanks to modern technology, the power of these minerals is fully harnessed and presented in clinically tested cosmetics and products in a wide variety of Dead Sea skin care products.

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We are sure you will find your quest in our full line of Dead Sea Spa Products in these Dead Sea skin care lines ranging from: facial mud mask, Dead Sea mud,  in a bath of Dead Sea salts, or using Dead Sea facial creams, facial mud masks, anti ageing serums, hand and foot creams.  All these Dead Sea cosmetics have been formulated with the right balance of minerals, fragrances, oils and organic botanicals.  Having a regular Dead Sea skin care routine or regime will keep your skin hydrated, soft and look younger.

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