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Royal Touch® Body Mask Lavender 500g/ 18 oz Jar

Royal Touch® Body Mask Lavender 500g/ 18 oz Jar


Weight: 1.25 kgs

Bloom Royal Touch™ Body Mask has unique, 100% natural combination of Dead Sea minerals and trace elements in a smooth body mud mask with a hint of Lavender.It give a healthy and younger looking skin by cleansing impurities. It also helps with some skin conditions and joint pain. You’ll experience amazing relaxation!

Directions for use: Natural mud will separate, stir well and warm slightly. In the shower or bathtub, apply to body and leave to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, dry yourself and apply Bloom Royal Touch™ Body Lotion. For normal skin, use twice a week; for oily skin, use three times a week; for dry skin, use once a week. A slight tingling and red skin color is normal and is a positive sign of skin response, which will stop after the treatment. When using for the first time, test on your hand for allergic reaction. If you have hyper blood pressure, consult your physician or healthcare therapist before using Bloom Royal Touch™ Body Mask.

Tips: An excellent way to minimize joint pain is to wrap with a warm towel once the mud mask has been applied.

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More Information
NameRoyal Touch® Body Mask Lavender 500g/ 18 oz Jar
BrandRoyal Touch

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