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Muna's journey

handicapped women working on mosaics in Madaba

A 24-years-old physically challenged woman becomes the main bread earner for her family

Muna, a 24 years old physically challenged Jordanian woman, used to feel something was amiss as her parents tried to offer her the best they could afford. They live in Madaba, a city in Jordan well known for its mosaics producing tradition.  But Muna could not help but feel as a burden on her family.  As the father struggled to provide their basic needs, Muna was un-employed and quite possibly felt un-employable. She joined a mosaics training institute in Madaba in the hopes of filling her time.  She was thrilled when she was contracted by Arts River Mosaics to become one of the main mosaics artisans in their workshop, located below La Storia museum in Mount Nebo. Owner Bashar Twal shares:  "We are quite happy for Muna, she used to be a financial burden on the family and now she is the main bread earner!"