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Desert Pearls Necklace

Desert Pearls Necklace


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Each necklace is unique. The stones are natural and untouched; collected from remote locations in Wadi Rum, having started life over 400 million years ago as pebbles on the floor of the Tethys Sea. They’re found in secret caches, washed from the high cliffs, nestling together on the blood red sands. In the light they gently glow, like high quality porcelain; and they retain that magic when you wear them, appearing to float, reflecting your warmth and beauty. The Dutch designer Brenda de Jager created the concept and selects the stones for each necklace, balancing colour, shape, harmony and a touch of whimsy to offer you something no-one else in the world can ever have. Each stone is unique, so variations in quality, size and color of stones is to be expected. It’s the perfect present from this special country for yourself or a very good friend. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

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More Information
NameDesert Pearls Necklace
BrandBrenda de Jager

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