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How to sell your products on our store


If you are a Jordanian producer, artisan, merchant or NGO wishing to sell your products on our store you are most welcome! is an online store dedicated to marketing and selling Jordanian handicrafts and products abroad.

As such, we are seeking local manufacturers, artisans, and local NGO’s to partner with and offer them this unique opportunity to sell their products online through our store. will catalogue all the items, promote the site and handle all the selling and shipping logistics at no cost to you. All you have to do is supply the product and abide by the quality control conditions set forth in the agreement that will be provided. All the items supplied by you will be sold under your brand.

The products have to comply with the following guidelines:

  • They are of Jordanian nature and/or origin. They may also be originally designed in Jordan and produced elsewhere (approval needed in this case)
  • They are of a high quality workmanship, material and design
  • You guarantee avaiability of product to ship within 24 hours of receiving order by email.
  • You use high quality packaging to guarantee safety of product during transit.
  • If you are willing to abide by these sinple guidelines, please contact us at or call us on +962 79 096 1776. We are always looking for your products to add to our store.

You will be contacted by our Products Development team and asked to provide the following:

  • Fill out a Vendor Information form (will be emailed to you upon request).
  • Fill out a Product Data Sheet for each product you sell. This form will be emailed to you uppon acceptance on our store.
  • Supply at least 1 high resolution image per product (more images, up to 3 are better). Images must follow the following guidelines.
  • Upon acceptance as a seller on our store, we will setup the payment and order processing mechanisms.
  • Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and let’s start selling your products!