About Jordan

A small country with huge challenges From its inception back in the 1920’s Jordan never possessed the geographic and natural resources of a major regional economy. Without oil, and with vastly underdeveloped hinterland, Jordan grew to be a shining example of a small, dynamic, hospitable country that relies mainly on trade, aid and tourism. While Jordan inherited and gained in days past its fair share of burdens, waves of refugees, lack of natural resources, underdeveloped working sector…etc. Yet, its major capital is its people. Jordan’s society has long been the shining example of tolerance, moderation and the voice of reason in a troubled neighborhood. Today, Jordan boasts a young breed of professionals, entrepreneurs and artists who are making waves in the local and regional scenes. Jordan has a unique and flavorful mix of east and west, rich and poor, skilled professionals and just learning, conservative and religious with less conservative and religious. In fact, the very fabric of society is filled with many ethnic and tribal origins and colors, which is what makes this country great. Jordan is FUN! Jordan has been an oasis of peace and stability in the region in spite of tremulous regional wars all around. That is what afforded it a niche in the tourism industry, aided by a very warm and welcoming culture and a variety of cuisines to go along with it. The landscape is rich and variegated. From the pine and oak rich mountains of Ajloun to the moon like rock formations of Wadi Rum, to the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea, the visitor is always engaged and has something to enjoy. Let’s not forget that Jordan itself is extremely rich with history and archaeology that stretches as far back as millennia before Christ. Petra, Jarash and several castles and ancient remains are always on top of the tourists agendas. So, if you haven’t visited here yet, plan do doing so soon. There are many links you can find that can help you plan your vacation. If you already visited, we hope you will take a piece of Jordan with you, wether it is a small souvenir, or just a story you can share with friends. If you missed on a chance to do so while you were here, it is not too late. You can still have the best online shopping in Jordan experience right here in our store. Hope to see you when you visit Jordan! Useful sites when you plan your next trip to Jordan: www.visitjordan.com www.jordantrail.org www.terhaal.com www.rj.com Jordanian shops go online Jordan online shopping is growing at an amazing rate! From your favorite lunch snack delivered to your home or office, to a rich variety of Jordanian producers and importers. Success stories are filling the electronic landscape. You can order customized ceramics, funny T-shirts and traditional dress, chocolates, Jordanian mosaics, Jordanian souvenirs, clothing and beauty items online. The amount of Jordanian bazaars and producers going online is a healthy sign of an emerging market. The allfromjordan.com and AllFromJordan.com Team

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